Refund Policy

Once you have placed an order there are certain conditions of cancellation or revisions. Please refer to the policy below.

  • If you want to cancel an order and writer has started the work on it, based on the work completed the charges will be deducted. always asked its customer to claim the cancellation within 6 hours (Not applicable to urgent assignment) so we can also save our time and resources.
  • We help you in any kind of payment issues. Most of the time because of payment system error payment is reversed back so we can help you with that after confirming the receipts.
  • We always ensure the quality is maintained. Still if our experts are not present in any case, that happens rarely. In this condition first we manage to deliver the best but if there is lacking we see the facilitator report on the assignment than respond.
  • Please ensure that all the details and assignment related files are shared when you confirm the order. After the completion of assignment we won’t accept any of excuse and revision in this case will be charged.
  • If there are some missing headings or any part from our writers we will provide free revisions.